You're Florida Keys Adventure Starts Now!

It’s tough trying to decide which part of the Florida keys to explore first. The Keys have four areas to choose from. Key Largo and Islamorada in the upper Keys. Marathon in the middle Keys. Big Pine and Sugarloaf in the lower Keys. And Key West is the end of the road.

With each area having its own special charm, you’re going to have a great time no matter where you spend your Florida Keys Vacation.

The drive down the Overseas Highway is about 130 miles long. You’ll cross 42 bridges between the mainland and Key West. Just look out the window at that aquamarine water. It’s lit up like there are lights underneath. Makes me think I’m driving thru a Florida Keys picture.

Did you notice the fish jumping as you cross the bridges? And did a Pelican happen to fly along with you at eye level while crossing the bridges? What did you think about all those Cormorants hanging out on the wires and standing on the old lobster traps out on the flats?

That’s just some of the natural beauty that is here. I haven’t even gotten to the endless past times that as a local, I get to enjoy all year long.

Whether it’s land, sea or air, you’ll never run out of things to do while in the Florida Keys.

We have Parasailing and Helicopter rides. Or you can go boating, fishing, or diving. And finish up with shopping, walking the beach, bicycling or doing the Duval Crawl.

With the sun shining more than 300 days each year, I can’t think of a better place to be than the Florida Keys.

Because the Keys are so different, I know a vacation is difficult to plan. In this web site I will try to write my own adventures to help you better enjoy your short stay with us.

* My favorite Island - that would be Summerland Key.

* Fish Stories - trolling is my favorite way to catch fish.

* Diving adventures - out front and in the back country.

* Resorts and Hotels - some of these are hidden away.

* Restaurants - with fresh local seafood.

* Car rentals - what’s your style, convertible?

* Other means of transportation - once you get here.

* Nite Life - lots of live entertainment.

* The best day trip - Dry Tortugas National Park.

* The best night trip - Take the Ferry to Fort Myers and spend the night.

* The beaches - we dredge them from the ocean.

* Our beautiful State Parks - visit one for the day.

* Flipper - did you swim with the Dolphin yet?

* Turtles - we have a hospital for them.

* Birds - they too have a Doctor and recovery area.

* Bridge fishing - this takes a very long gaff.

* Tours - which kind, take your pick.

* And lots more stuff.

I can’t help but laugh at myself. I grew up in Tennessee. I can remember hearing about sharks attacking people and hurricanes heading right for the Keys. I would think to myself, that’s two things I’ll never have to worry about.

Who Knew? I never thought I would end up living in the Florida Keys.

Click for the latest Summerland Key weather forecast.

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