Alexander Barge is an Artificial Reef off Islamorada in the Florida Keys

Alexander Barge does not have any marker or mooring buoys to mark the dive site. The depth of the wreck ranges from 80' to 105'. It’s located approximately one half mile west of the Eagle, which is another shipwreck. The GPS coordinates are 25'513700N and 080'34.100W.

The barge is 120' long and 40' wide. She was deliberately sunk as an artificial reef in 1984 and is in pristine condition. In 1985 concrete rubble from the old Whale Harbor Bridge was brought out to the same area and sunk to help in the formation of a larger dive site.

The last time I dived on this dive site was at least ten years ago. At that time there were lots of new coral formations on the concrete rubble from the old bridge. Many fish were calling the barge and the concrete rubble their homes, including a couple of very large barracuda.

This is a great dive site especially if you’re new to wreck dives. The barge is open and easy to access. It’s just one of many artificial reefs that are here in the Florida Keys.

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