Allyson Greer And Her Plans To Visit The Florida Keys

Florida Keys Map

Hi, My name is Allyson Green and my husband and I love the Florida Keys, and plan to visit sometime after Christmas. My husband and I are planning on renting a boat after we get there. We want to fish and snorkel. Our other plans include staying somewhere in the middle part of the Florida Keys, as it seems you can go either to Key West, Islamorada or Key Largo in a short time.

We've been there twice before, and have always enjoyed the weather, the atmosphere, the food, the beautiful scenery, and the pleasant feeling of getting away to an island. We live in Elberta, Alabama. And it's a good 11 hour drive, but that doesn't stop us. We can't wait to get there. Thanks for the helpful information we've found on this Florida Keys website.

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