Brick Barge is another easy for everyone to enjoy dive site in the Florida Keys

School of Grunts in the Florida Keys

Brick Barge dive site is marked with a 35' light tower. The depth here is 20' to 28'. There’s not a mooring buoy on this wreck. It’s located on the north side of Hens and Chickens Reef. This is a Sanctuary Preservation Area that means you're not allowed to take fish or lobster. The GPS coordinates are 24'56.070N and 080'32.980W.

This wreck is a small steel ship that was torpedoed and sent to the ocean floor in WWII. It’s being absorbed by the reef. It’s totally encrusted with hard and soft corals and beautiful colorful sponges. This is popular dive site for underwater photography. It seems this site attracts noticeable more fish life than the surrounding sites in this area. I saw lots of barracuda and several sharks and lobsters on my last dive here. The visibility isn’t always great because it’s located in Hawk Channel close to the islands. But it’s a great dive for people who just want to snorkel and see a wreck with tons of marine life in the Florida Keys.

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