The Cannabis Cruiser is referred to as the Pot Wreck by the locals of the Florida Keys


The Cannabis Cruiser doesn’t have a marker or any mooring buoys to mark where she sits. The depth of the water here is 108'. It’s located three miles west of Alligator Reef Light. The GPS coordinates are 24'49.584N and 080'38.590W.

She is a 75' Trawler. She was used to smuggle drugs in the late 70's. She was hauling a load of 30 pound bails of marijuana to off load in the Florida Keys when she was spotted by the Coast Guard. The smugglers didn’t want to get busted with the pot so they sank the trawler and jumped ship.

The ship was found several years later and she’s sitting in the upright position. It’s totally intact including all of her equipment and several bails of marijuana.

These days many fish call her home. Divers have reported seeing, jewfish, several very large snook, lots of hogfish, an occasional shark and a very curious and large green moray eel.

This is a really cool Florida Keys wreck just because of its history. This wreck is for the advanced diver.

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