The Content Keys is a gorgeous place to dive, if you can find anyone in the Florida Keys to take you out there

Content Keys

The Content Keys don’t have any markers or mooring buoys to mark the reef. The depth of the water ranges from zero to fifteen feet. This is not a Sanctuary Preservation Area, but it is part of the White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. It’s located six miles due north of Summerland Key on the Gulf side. You can’t get there by following a straight line. It’s about 15 miles by boat. The GPS Coordinates are 24'47.830N and 081'29.330W.

This is such a beautiful area both in the water and on the many sandy stretches that are all around these Keys. There’s a deep cut that runs between the two larger Keys. To the east of this cut is the wall of coral. You’ll have to see this place for yourself to believe the formation.

This area is a very busy place during lobster season. Especially the two day mini season and the first two weeks after the regular season opens. There’s a reason why. The many coral heads and ledges are packed with lobster, not your run of the meal lobster. These guys are huge. You don’t even have to worry about measuring them. You can leave the dive tanks at home, this is a great place to snorkel and free dive. There’s also stone crab, shrimp and fish to keep you busy and fed. The surrounding area is made up of turtle grass, large single coral heads and oyster beds. You never know what you’ll find.

Chart of Content Key After you’ve got your limit it’s nice to beach the boat on one of the sandy beaches and enjoy the beauty that’s all around you, have lunch, crack open a brewsky and brag about who got the biggest lobster today. Be mindful of low tide. It’s easy to get stuck on the inside of some of these channels.

Many years ago ruins from old cisterns and foundations for crude buildings were found on the largest of this group of Keys. Artifacts from early Keys Indians were also found here. In 1973 gold bars and coins were discovered. You know this would have been a great remote Florida Keys island for a pirate to hide his treasure.

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