The Duane an artificial reef in the Florida Keys is a penetration dive for Advanced divers only!

The Duane is a 329' long 41' wide United States Coast Guard Cutter. It’s ½ mile south of the Bibb wreck site. The GPS coordinates are 24'59.380 N and 080'22.920 W. This video has both wrecks featured on it.

This ship patrolled off the coast of Florida during WWII. She was in Europe during the invasion of France and patrolled the waters off Vietnam during that war. After that she was used for search and rescue missions and was decommissioned on August 1, 1985. The local dive shops and other organizations raised the funds to purchase, clean and sink this ship as an artificial reef. Her doors were removed above the main deck and the lower compartments were sealed.

She was sunk in 1987. She sits upright in 130' of water off Key Largo. The whole ship is still intact from the crows nest down to the rudder.

The visibility is generally 80' to 100' due to the closeness of the Gulfstream. This also causes this dive site to have strong currents. I mean they’re so strong that if you turn your head sideways you could get your mask ripped right off your face.

Divers should use caution when entering a hatchway, you could come face to face with a very large Barracuda or Shark. There’s also reports of a larger than life Green Moray Eel with its head sticking out of a rusty hole. He’s at the stern of the ship where the pilothouse joins the deck.

This is one of the most awesome wreck dives the Florida Keys has to offer. But it is for Advanced divers with wreck experience only.

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