The Duck Key Wreck doesn’t get many divers to it’s resting place in the Florida Keys

The Duck Key Wreck doesn’t have any marker or mooring buoys to mark the dive site. The depth of the water is 25'. This is NOT a Sanctuary Preservation Area. It’s located three and a half miles south of Duck Key. The GPS Coordinates are 24'42.601N and 080'52.659W.

porgy fish

Although this dive site is relatively close to land, it doesn’t get a lot of divers. It’s the wreck of a freighter that was powered by steam. It’s also known as the Boiler Patch Reef. She sank in 1889. No one seems to know what happened to her to cause her to sink. It’s not even known what the name of this vessel was.

The wreck is pretty easy to find because it’s in shallow water. You can easily spot the four big smoke stacks and the two boilers that are laying on the ocean floor. They are encrusted with soft and hard corals and lots of colorful sponges and purple sea fans. Lots of coral heads populate the area surrounding the wreck. This attracts a wide variety of fish life. You’ll see schools of grunts and blue tangs. Small grouper, wrasse, damselfish, hogfish, snapper, lobster and porgy are common at this dive site in the Florida Keys.

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