East Washerwoman Shoal is a great snorkel dive site in the middle of the Florida Keys

East Washerwoman Shoal is marked with a 36' tall light tower. The depth of the water ranges from eight feet to twenty five feet. There are no mooring buoys to tie your boat to, so be careful when you anchor. Be sure to place it in the sandy area that’s around the outside edge of the reef. This is Not a Sanctuary Protection Area, so it's OK to take fish and lobster as long as you have a Florida Saltwater Fishing License. You'll need the lobster endorsement on it if you plan to catch lobsters. It’s located two and a half miles out from Vaca Cut. The GPS Coordinates are 24'40.001N and 081'04.251W.

Star Coral Florida Keys

This is a great dive site to visit if you’re into free diving and just want to snorkel. And it’s not that far offshore. There’s lots of beautiful corals, purple sea fans and sea rods. There’s a good concentration of brain, staghorn, rose and star corals sitting on the sandy bottom. This attracts lots of sea life. There are schools of snapper, grunts and pork fish as well as lots of small colorful tropical fish. Look close at the big coral heads and you’ll see my favorite little fish the red lipped blenny.

This reef is in the middle of Hawk Channel. It’s about one and a half miles inside of Delta Shoal. That causes the visibility to be lousy some of the time.

This is one of those not so crowded Florida Keys dive sites. Enjoy the dive.

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