French Reef has ledges, swim thru tunnels, caves, arches, and a limestone wall. It’s a spectacular dive site in the Florida Keys

French Reef is marked with a big black piling. It’s northeast of Molasses Reef. The depth here ranges from 3' to 100'. There are 17 mooring buoys, F1 thru F17. There is no fishing or lobstering allowed here. The GPS coordinates are 25'02.057N and 080'20.893W.

This is an exceptionally beautiful dive site. It’s jam packed with ledges, tunnels, arches, caves, big enough for a person to swim thru, beautiful coral formations, loads of fish and a limestone wall.

Christmas tree worm

There are four caves you won’t want to miss here. The Hourglass Cave is just to the land side of the F1 buoy. Wait until you see this thing. It really does look like an hourglass. The Christmas Tree Cave is on the land side of the F3 buoy. It’s cloaked with Christmas tree worms. This cave is at least 3 ½ feet tall and 20' long. There’s enough room here for you to swim thru. At the F5 buoy there’s this sandbank that has coral ridges all around it. There’s another easy swim thru cave at the F6 buoy. A cave called White Sand Bottom Cave is the largest one here and it’s located right in the center of this reef. Yep, you guessed it, there’s white sand covering the bottom of this cave. On the land side of the F7 buoy is a spectacular ledge. About 90 feet northwest of it is an old coral encrusted anchor. At the south end of the reef are a bunch of slender caves, this area is called Five caves.

The limestone walls are a beautiful site to see. There are canyons, crevices, sponges , corals and large schools of fish living here. This is a fabulous site for underwater photography.

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