Grecian Rocks is a shallow dive site off Key Largo in the Florida Keys

This dive site is marked with a wooden marker. The depth here ranges from 1 foot to 35 feet. There are 12 mooring buoys here, G1 thru G12. This is a Sanctuary Preservation Area that means no fishing or taking of lobster or anything except pictures. The GPS coordinates are 25'06.771N and 080'18.312W.

Midnight Blue Parrotfish and Elkhorn Coral

Grecian Rocks is shaped like a half circle. It covers an area about half a mile long. This reef is inshore from the other reefs in this area, but it has the same formations as the fore reef that is offshore in the deeper water. It has beautiful spur and groove coral formations that are covered with colorful corals and sponges . The crest of the reef is lined with fingers of elkhorn coral and colorful tropical fish. There are areas where the reef is totally out of the water at low tide.

On the inside of this reef is a sandy flat expanse. It’s bordered with thick turtle grass areas. This part of the reef is really shallow. It’s only 3' to 6' deep. You’ll have a pretty good chance of watching Queen Conch here. They move themselves around by motions called leaping and hoping. They move around more than you would think. These guys are protected, so watch them only. Don’t mess with them or pick them up.

About 75' out from the reef on the south side is an Old Spanish Cannon. It was placed here several years ago by the park service. This dive site is a great one for snorkeling.

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