Hermans Hole and Hermans Behind are strange names for a couple of cool dive sites in the Florida Keys

Hermans Hole and Hermans Behind do not have any marker or mooring buoys to mark the dive site. The depth of the water ranges from fifteen feet to sixty five feet. It’s located about four miles out from Vaca Cut and Sisters Creek. The GPS Coordinates are 24'39.061N and 081'01.741W.

Hermans Behind Reef

When you get to the behind location, you’ll want to anchor in 15' of water. This is the best depth to start this dive to get the most out of it. As you swim southward the bottom suddenly drops off to 25'. As you continue to swim southward the bottom gradually slopes off deeper until you get to the sandy ocean floor at a depth of 65'.

There’s lots of corals and all kinds of fish that call this place home. It’s a very enjoyable dive.

Between two and three tenths of a mile to the west you’ll find the hole. It’s part of this same patch reef system. The GPS coordinates are 24'39.031N and 081'01.881W. It sits in 30' of water. It’s a round coral and limestone formation that forms a ridge on the top. The bottom in the center of this hole is only 20' deep. In this same area you’ll find several nice ledges with overhangs. Some of these are really deep.

These overhangs provide a great hiding place for schools of snapper and grunts. Turtles are sometimes seen sleeping here as well.

I don’t know how long this place has been called by its present name. I’ve heard it was named after a green moray eel that resides there. But someone obviously had a good sense of humor. The name alone makes this Florida Keys dive site worth checking out.

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