Horseshoe Reef is a dive site where you’re almost guaranteed to find Nurse Shark napping in the Florida Keys

Horseshoe Reef doesn’t have a marker to mark the dive spot. It doesn’t have any mooring buoys to tie your boat too. You need to be careful when you drop your anchor. Set it in the sandy area on the outside edge of the reef. The depth of the water ranges from fifteen to twenty five feet. It’s located about four miles southeast of Vaca Cut. This is NOT a Sanctuary Preservation Area, so it’s OK if you take fish and lobster. You’ll need to have a Florida Saltwater Fishing License. If you plan to catch lobster, you’ll need the lobster stamp on your license. The GPS Coordinates are 24'39.671N and 080'59.651W.

This reef gets its name from its curved shape. There’s a bunch of large coral heads that grew in a semi circle shape. This formation is on the northeast corner of the reef. There’s a large area of sand in the middle that’s the perfect place to observe creatures of the reef on a night dive. It’s not uncommon to see octopus scurrying about during these night dive.

This reef has several sandy ledges running east to west. This is a likely place to catch a sea turtle sleeping during the day. Nurse sharks like to hang out here too. Just in case you don’t know, Turtles are a protected species. It’s illegal to disturb them in any way. So don’t try to touch them.

This is a great dive site to bring along an underwater camera. That way you can take pictures of the turtles and sharks that are posing under the ledges of this Florida Keys reef just waiting on you to drop in.

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