Jims Story Of A Bad Florida Keys Fishing Charter Experience

Jims story with OMB Fishing Charters (Eddie Agin) Do Not go with Them, Read My Story and Know Why?

I am so glad there is finally a place to tell people about fishing experiences.

My wife and I went fishing on our honeymood with OMB charters Captian Eddie Agin in Key West Florida.

We had a great time first mate Bunkie was a great hand. We caught plenty of Maui-Maui. As a matter of fact, my wife landed a 65 pound Bull.

Upon return we said we would like to have a mount of it.

First mate said that was a great idea and all we need are the head and tail and you can have the rest of the fish to eat. Here is the bad news. After being told we could have the meat, Captian Eddie steps up and says no, no with a fish like this they will use the real fish instead of making a fiberglass replica so we will send the whole fish to Greys Taxidermy. We said OK.

charter boat row

When we get the mount we find out it's fiberglass we were pissed.

Not only did we pay for the trip, tip and extra to have the whole fish taxidermied we were lied to by the captian. Then, I find out on another trip to Key West when I ran into the Mate Bunkie that Captian Eddie Kept the meat for himself and made a few extra dollars to boot. Bunkie told me after we left that he got the fish out of the cooler and cleaned it for Captian Eddie who took some home to eat and sold some of it to a restaurant.

Jims Story gives you a word of advise from someone who learned the hard way.

Do not go fishing with OMB Charters or Capt. Eddie Agin. As far as I'm concerned he's nothing but a crook, liar and a cheat.

There are plenty of other people who will take you out and be honest with you on charter boat row.

If the captain has any kahunas he can reach me at 913-638-0245 and give me some of my money back.

This story is true my name is Jim and if anyone wants to find out more about my experiance before they spend their hard earned money they can call me also.

I hate to see people make the same mistake we did.

Thanks for reading Jims Story, Jim

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