Jules Undersea Lodge is really underwater and you can spend your Florida Keys vacation there

What a great idea the Jules Undersea Lodge is. Who ever thought anyone would put a hotel underwater? Well it’s been done and it’s right here in the Florida Keys. It’s in a lagoon off Key Largo .

This hotel used to be an underwater research station. It was used to explore the continental shelf off Puerto Rico. Research conducted while on the continental shelf living in what is now the Jules Undersea Lodge, helped to open the door to the use of nitrogen-oxygen gas mixes for deep water diving . It’s called Nitrox and many divers use it today on such wreck dives here as the Spiegel Grove and the Adolphus Busch .

Porthole in Jules Lodge

This is the only underwater hotel in the world. It sits in 21 feet of water and is anchored to the bottom to keep it from floating away. It sits on legs that keep it five feet off the bottom on the ocean. This is necessary to allow you to enter and leave thru the bottom. The constant compressed air being pumped into the structure from the tie line to land keeps the water out and gives the occupants air to breathe. The air that is expelled into the surrounding water keeps it rich in oxygen which makes this lagoon very healthy and full of marine life.

To get to the Jules Undersea Lodge you’ll need to scuba dive down. If you’re not a certified diver there’s a quick course for you to take. When you dive down the instructor dives with you for safety purposes. If you’re a certified diver you get unlimited use of scuba tanks during your stay. You can dive until you drop.

When you enter you’re in the wet room. This is where all the dive gear is kept. You’re required to shower before entering the other areas of the hotel. This keeps the salt water residue out of the Lodge.

Entertainment and Galley The Undersea Lodge consists of the wet room, a common area with a galley and entertainment area, and the two private bedrooms. Each bedroom has a VCR/DVD player and a stereo system. The most fun part is the big 42" porthole where you can watch the fish and marine life without getting wet. The entertainment area also has a TV, DVD/VCR player and stereo with lots of movies to choose from. The best movie is what’s playing outside the 42" porthole that’s in entertainment room. The galley is equipped with everything a galley should have. It’s stocked with food, your favorites, a frig, microwave over, coffee maker and all the other things a kitchen on land would have. There’s one bathroom and one shower to be shared by all.

The Jules Undersea Lodge is in fact an artificial reef. It attracts all sorts of marine life. It sits near mangroves, so most of the marine life here are juveniles. The fish use the mangroves as a nursery. The roots provide them protection form larger fish. There’s an abundance of food near the mangroves for them as well. You’ll see many juvenile tropical fish here such as snapper, parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish. a green moray eel and always in the Florida Keys the Barracuda. Other marine life that are attracted here are sponges , crabs , lobster , oysters, mussels, and anemones.

When you dive outside in the lagoon there are lots of objects worth exploring. There’s a lobster habitat, an old anchor, and a replica of a Spanish Galleon shipwreck, complete with ballast stones, cannons and Atocha Coins.

The Jules Undersea Lodge is named after the author Jules Verne. He wrote the book “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” That's the perfect name for this hotel since it sits on the bottom of the ocean.

Luggage arriving Jules Lodge

You can actually log dive time by staying here. You don’t need to decompress before returning to the surface. You can’t even think of flying for more than 24 hours after getting back onto land. When breathing compressed air for such a long period of time your body gets saturated with gases that need to have time to work themselves out of your body before you can safely fly in an airplane. Lots of visitors use this time to check out Key West before they leave the Keys.

The Jules Undersea Lodge is just one of the many unique experiences that make the Florida Keys such a wonderful place to live or visit.

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