Little Conch Reef is a Florida Keys dive site where you can escape from the crowd

Little Conch Reef doesn’t have any marker or mooring buoys. The depth of the water ranges from five feet to thirty feet. This is NOT a Sanctuary Preservation Area. It’s located 6 miles east of Windley Key. It’s on the inside and it’s approximately one mile south of Conch Reef. The GPS coordinates are 24'56.550N and 080'28.430W.

Tube Sponge Florida Keys

This reef is three quarters of a mile long. It sits in a white sandy area. This dive site is made up of numerous coral heads, rocks, small spur and groove formations, vast areas of tube sponges and lots of purple sea fans. Lots of ledges criss cross the reef. The biggest and best ledges are about 300 feet to the west of the center of the reef. About 150 feet to the southwest of the middle of the reef is the Spanish Galleon El Infante. It was driven onto this reef during the 1733 Hurricane that hit the Florida Keys. The ship pounded on the reef all night long until she was submerged up to her deck with water on the following day.

You will see lots of marine life such as parrotfish, small colorful tropical fish, green moray eels, reef and nurse sharks, lobster and maybe a turtle. This is a great place to find and catch lobster. It’s really popular during the lobster mini season. You do need to have your Florida Saltwater Fishing License with the lobster endorsement to catch lobster. And remember only 6 per person per day.

If you’re looking for a shallow dive site in the Florida Keys reef system to snorkel or scuba dive this would be a great choice. Sometimes you can have the place all to yourself. Not a lot of the commercial boats bring their divers here.

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