Mikes Wreck is an easy snorkel dive site in the Florida Keys

tropical fish at Mike's Wreck

Mikes Wreck is marked by mooring buoy’s E2 and E3. It’s located at Elbow Reef. The depth here is 18' to 25'. The GPS coordinates are 25'08.673N and 080'15.393W.

This wreck is the remains of a steel barge. A large portion of the wreck has been swallowed by the reef. Many colorful hard and soft corals and sponges have grown all over it. There are large star, brain and elkhorn corals growing here. This is home to innumerable tropical fish, moray eel, turtles, shark and barracuda. The largest filefish I ever saw was here at this wreck.

The visibility is usually very good due to the closeness to the Gulfstream. This and the colorful backdrop of the wreck make this dive site a choice spot for underwater photography.

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