Snapper Ledge is a great dive site for snorkeling while in the Florida Keys

snapper hovering a fire coral

Snapper Ledge has no marker but it does have two mooring buoys, S1 and S2. The depth here is 20' to 25'. It’s located off Key Largo a little less than half a mile from Pickles Reef. The GPS coordinates are 24'58.920N and 080'25.300W.

This is really a very pretty dive site. The visibility is usually pretty good here. This reef gets its name from the multitudes of yellowtail snappers that live here. The schools of fish are so thick that it looks like a moving wall. These aren’t the only fish that call this place home, there’s grunts, parrotfish, butterfly fish, goatfish, barracuda, sharks, green moray eels, spotted eels, urchins, anemone, spiny lobster and many small tropical fish.

This is NOT a Sanctuary Preservation Area. It’s OK to fish and take lobster as long as you have your Florida Saltwater Fishing License and a lobster stamp. If you’re planning to fish and not take any lobster then you don’t need the lobster stamp endorsement on you’re fishing license.

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