I'm Suzi, sharing a few Key West memories

Old Southernmost Point Key West

My name is Suzi and I lived in Key West from 1964 until 1984. My brother still lives there. He retired from being Captain of the Key West Fire Department. My daughter and I both graduated from Key West High School. My daughter and son were both born in Key West fourteen years apart.

I’m an "Honorary Conch.” My certificate was signed by "First Lady Mayor" Wilhelmina Harvey. She was a dear friend of my mother and she was my landlord for several years.

Old Lands End Marina

I knew Mel Fisher. I used to work for David Horan of Horan and Finley Law Firm. David Horan was Mel Fisher’s attorney.

Kay Finley and Genie Synon decided to venture out on their own. They opened Finley & Synon Law Firm. It was the first law firm made up of just women! They invited me to go with them when they opened their new office. So I left Horan and worked with them.

Oh yes, the stories I could tell . . .

Many years ago, my grandpa by marriage, he was the only "grandpa" I knew, moved to Key West after retiring from the New York Police Department. He lived on Eisenhower Drive right next door to the old Ship A Hoy Motel. He became Chief of Police in Key West and later was appointed Mayor of Monroe County.

Old Key West Marina His name was Louis Eisner. We lived next door to each other. I dated his grandson, who became my first husband. I spent many hours at Nana's kitchen table listening to stories about the people living in Key West.

They’re all gone now, except for Auntie Sis, his daughter, who lives up the Keys. I visited her last year and spent many hours at her kitchen table, reminiscing about the old days. I try to talk to her every week or so.

At one time she was one of only two telephone operators in Key West! My father in law was Charles "Charlie" Vallet. He was Assistant City Manager of Key West for many years. When he passed away in the early 70's, it was the largest funeral Key West had ever seen up until that time. All the florists ran out of flowers. For months "Mama" had credits at the floral shops.

Old Look Out Tower Key West

Key West's charm will always be special for me. I am blessed to have experienced it back in the days when life there was simple and uncluttered. It was a time when you knew most everyone on Duval Street and you even knew the dog's names!

I’m not sure if I know you or not.

I love your site! I just discovered it this morning. You've done a great job!

Keep up the great work and have a wonderful Sunday! Suzi

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