Ten Fathom Ledge is truly a one of a kind dive site in the Florida Keys

Ten Fathom Ledge doesn’t have any marker to mark the dive site. The depth of the water ranges from twenty seven feet to one hundred and fifteen feet. There are no mooring buoys for your boat. You’ll need to use your anchor. Try to place the anchor in one of the sandy areas so you don’t damage the coral. This is not a Sanctuary Protection Area. It’s OK to take fish and lobster as long as you have a Florida Saltwater Fishing License and the lobster stamp if you plan on catching dinner. It’s located eleven and a half miles west southwest of Key West or four and a half miles west southwest of Sand Key. It’s also only four and a half miles from Ten Fathom Bar and one mile southwest of Western Sambo Reef two other fabulous dive site. The GPS Coordinates are 24'25.972N and 081'57.021W.

All Alone Wreck

This is a really fun place to dive. It’s got so many different formations to explore. It has a bunch of coral ledges with lobster and fish hiding there. Yellowtail snapper and grunts move out and back under the ledges with the current. Large school of blue tangs and parrotfish cruise around chomping on the coral. There’s a wall, some interesting coral caves and a bunch of caverns. It has some really large overhangs and coral out croppings. These attract large numbers of fish. All this stuff is in the water depths from thirty to fifty feet. Swim across to the ocean side and it falls off to 115', there’s your wall.

Most of the time the Gulfstream keeps this place washed in clear water. The price you pay for that is a strong current.

Just out from the outer ledge in 90 feet of water is the wreck of the All Alone a 75' tug boat. The GPS coordinates for it are 24'27.330N and 081'43.420W. It’s become a home for lots of fish. Large shark are also a common sight around this artificial reef. In this area you have a good chance of seeing some really big fish. There's a small patch reef called Kedge Ledge that has a couple of old anchors from the 18th Century. They’re totally covered with coral.

This is a very popular dive site. The grouper are used to the divers and tend to follow you around. They’re waiting for a hand out. This is the only dive site of this kind in the Lower Keys part of the Florida Keys. I highly recommend you try and check this one out.

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