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I’d love to here your adventures and so would everyone else. The Florida Keys has a crazy lifestyle. Sometimes this rubs off on the people that come here to visit.

Why not share that memorable unorthodoxed moment with the rest of us so we can enjoy it too? Please do include all those colorful details, that makes the story much more interesting.

I’d love to have you as part of my website. Just paste your Florida Keys story into the form below. If you want to document the story with photos, let me know and I’ll email you with instructions for sending them. Then tell all your friends they can read your story and see your smiley face on this website.

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This wonderful story is from Suzi who lived in Key West from 1964 thru 1984.

This story is from Erin Cone in the Florida Keys

Jims Story of a Bad Fishing Charter Experience

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