Here’s a list to help you find a useable boat ramp in the Florida Keys

I’ll try to wright and keep this list of boat ramps as current and accurate as possible. Lots of changes going on down here. So I’ll do my best to keep up with them. I got to warn you some of these places are off the main road and a little difficult to find. Also some of them are a bit rough around the edges.

I’ll begin the list in the Upper Keys and end at Key West. There are three before you even get to Key Largo.


On US 1 at MM 110, bayside at Little Blackwater Sound . This ramp is for small boats only and it’s free to use.


Alabama Jacks has one and they charge a fee for use. It’s for small boats only. Another one is past the toll plaza at the base of the bridge. It’s also for small boats and it’s free. The condition of both of these is a bit rough.

Caribbean Club Key Largo


Caribbean Club at MM 104, bayside in Key Largo. This one is really shallow and it’s in good condition. There’s a fee to use it.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park , MM 102 in Key Largo. You may have to wait in line to use this really busy boat ramp. So plan accordingly. You’ll have to pay the park fee to get into the park.

Harry Harris Park at MM 92.5, oceanside in Key Largo. You’ll need to turn on Burton Drive and go to the end. The entrance is on Beach Road. There’s two ramps, both are in good condition. Lots of parking which is a plus. It’s free on weekdays but there’s a fee on weekends and holidays.

Jo-Jean Way at MM 92, bayside in Key Largo. I’ve never been to this one. You’re on your own. I do know it’s open to the public. So I imagine it’s free.

Founders Park at MM 86, bayside in Plantation Key. Great ramp with a commodity, deep water. It’s free if you’re a resident but non-residents there’s a fee.

Tea Table Key at MM 79, bayside in Islamorada. It’s not in the best of condition but it’s OK. You can get to the ocean or bayside from this one. The bayside is a bit skinny in the water. It’s free but it’s also really busy on weekends and holidays.

Ramp at Tea Table Key MARATHON and DUCK KEY

Duck Key Boat Ramp is at MM 61, bayside. It’s in good condition and there’s plenty of parking and it’s free to use. Beware the water is skinny.

Marathon Boat Ramp at MM 53, bayside in Marathon. It’s in good condition but not much to say for parking, very limited. There’s no charge for using it.

Airport Boat Ramp at MM 51, bayside in Marathon. Turn on Aviation Blvd and go west to Harbor Drive. It’s a small ramp in need of an upgrade. There’s not much space for parking but it’s free to use.

Marathon Yacht Club at MM 49, bayside in Marathon. It’s behind the yacht club so you’ll need to go west on 33rd Street, you’ll see it. It’s in good condition and a good location, so it’s busy on weekends and holidays. There’s lots of parking.


West side of the Seven Mile Bridge at MM 37,bayside. This boat ramp is in good condition with great access to both ocean and bayside and it’s free. Good parking.

Bahia Honda State Park MM 35, oceanside. There’s two ramps here. Both in great condition and good parking. There’s a fee to get into the Park and a $10.00 fee to use the ramp.

Spanish Harbor Park MM 33.5, oceanside West Summerland Key. It’s not the best but it’s also not the worst I’ve seen. The water is skinny and parking is limited, but it’s free to use.

Big Pine Key Ramp at MM 30, bayside Big Pine Key . This one is difficult to find and way off the main road. At the light on Big Pine Key turn onto Key Deer Blvd. Go all they way down to Big Pine Street and turn right. Go to Koehn Ave. and turn left, go all the way to the end and there it is. The water is skinny and this thing is in need of repair, but it’s free to use.

Old Wooden Bridge Marina is located at MM 30, bayside just before the No Name Key Bridge. You’ll need to turn north at the light on Big Pine Key and go left at the “Y.” Take Wilder Road all the way to the stop sign, turn left and then it does a sharp turn to the right. Follow that until you see the No Name Bridge, it’ll be on your right. There is a fee but the parking is good.

Little Torch Key at MM 28, bayside. It’s actually on State Road 4-A. Just turn north on SR4-A and you’ll find it. It’s in good condition and it’s free.

Boat Ramp Cudjoe Gardens Marina

Cudjoe Gardens Marina at MM 21,oceanside Cudjoe Key. Turn south on Drost Drive at the Sheriffs Sub Station and it’ll be on your left about a mile down the road. It’s in good condition and the water is deep. You can launch your big boats here. Good parking but there’s a fee of $5.00 in and $5.00 out.

Sugarloaf Marina at MM 17, bayside on Sugarloaf Key. It’s in good condition and the parking is fair. There is a fee of $8.00 plus tax. Lots of flats guides use this one it’s a great location to get you to the backcountry quickly.

Shark Key is at MM 11, oceanside Shark Key. This was refurbished after Hurricane Wilma. The ramp is good but the water is skinny and the parking is limited. But it’s free.


Stock Island at MM 6, oceanside. This one was also refurbished after Hurricane Wilma. Not a lot of room to maneuver your auto and boat trailer. Parking is limited and it’s free to use.

Oceanside Marina at MM 4, 5950 Peninsula, Stock Island. Turn south at the light at Maloney Ave. on Stock Island. It’s the light at Chico’s Restaurant on Stock Island. Go all the way to the end. This boat ramp is great and can accommodate large boats, great access. Good parking and there’s a fee.

Key West at the end of Simonton Street, oceanside. It’s right next to the Hyatt. The parking is good and the ramp is in good condition. It’s also free to use.

With all these boat ramps throughout the Florida Keys there’s no excuse to leave the boat on the trailer all the time. Get out there and have some fun!

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