How can you be in the Florida Keys and not go Boating?

In the Florida Keys boating isn't a past time, it's a way of life. Their is such joy and pleasure that comes from being out on the water. Before you go you may need to get some gas and other supplies. Click here for a list of all the Marinas in the Florida Keys.

Every time I go out on the water I get a surprise. Oh yea, if you don't have a boat and need to rent one, click here for a list of all the places in the Florida Keys that will rent you one. You never know what kind of sea life you'll happen upon. Many times when I'm out in the bay in front of here, I see the same pod of Dolphin. One of them has a split dorsal fin. I've seen this same Dolphin for several years now.

While offshore fishing on Mother's Day, I was trolling for Dolphin , Mahi-Mahi, (not flipper), I ran upon a large pod of Spotted Dolphin. I would bet you their were as many as a 100 of them. They stayed with the boat for at least 10 minutes. They were darting under the boat, jumping beside the boat and just having a blast riding the bow wake.

wild Dolphins Florida Keys

What a treat to see this right in front of me. If I wouldn't have caught any fish, my day was already made. But I did catch fish. During this time of year I usually see several Turtles while out on the water. They have to come to the surface for a breath of air. They also will sleep in the warmer waters on the surface of the ocean. I try not to scare them if I see them in the distance. As soon as they spot you the dive for the bottom. One day I saw 20 Turtles and that was just in Hawk Channel.

When i'm out in the backcountry I get to see Spotted Eagle Rays. Some of these guys are giants. The shape of their face is the reason for the Eagle part of their name. I know that some of them I've seen have a wing span of six to eight feet. And man, are they ever graceful as they swim through the water.

Everyone wants to see a Shark. All you need do is go to the channels near the mangrove islands, Blacktip sharks love to cruise this area.

Another creature you are sure to see is the Cormorant. These are the black duck like birds that fly under water. They chase after fish, this is what they eat. They are always popping up in front of the boat. I have actually been under water diving and had them pass me.

Spotted Dolphin Florida Keys

Tarpon is another sea creature that can be seen on almost every trip out in the water in the Florida Keys during the spring and summer months. When they roll on the surface of the water they look like mirrors.

All these creatures in the back country both marine life and bird life are there thanks to the mangrove islands you see all around you. They provide food, habitat and shelter for the whole ecosystem out back. It doesn't matter if you're in the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, Lower Keys or Key West area of the Florida Keys you are guaranteed to see White Heron's out on the flats. They feed when the water runs off the flats on the low tide. The grassy areas next to the flats hold small fish. The Herons will stand very still and stalk the fish just waiting on the right moment to nail them with their pointy beak.

White Heron fishing on Flats Florida Keys

When you look up in the sky in the Lower Keys you can see a white creature flying that doesn't have feathers. It's Fat Albert . It's a blimp that sometimes helps people to navigate their way home.

This is just a few of the many things that are waiting to be enjoyed while out on the water in the Florida Keys.

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Perhaps you brought your boat with you to the Florida Keys, here's a list of ramps where you can launch it. Or maybe you would need to rent a boat or a personal watercraft to be able to enjoy the interesting stuff that's out there. I highly recommend you schedule this into your Florida Keys Vacation.

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