Florida Keys Bridge Fishing and Sharks

Bridge fishing off the many bridges in the Florida Keys is one of the least expensive ways to get yourself some fish. You almost always have a breeze and the view is fabulous. Who knows what kinds of fish are going to swim thru the channel that your fishing ? Sometimes its as good as fishing on the reef .

This time of the year you’re going to need an umbrella. Some folks take a tent and pitch it on the bridge. I think most of them have kids and it gives them a place to take a nap out of the sun.

As of August 1, 2009 you need a Shoreline license to fish from the bridges or from the shore in Florida. This new license will cost you $9.00. You also need a fishing rod and reel, some bait, a knife, a pair of pliers, your tackle box and a 5 gallon bucket. You will surely need two coolers, one for your beer and the other for the fish you’ll be catching.

Tents for shelter while bridge fishing

The bait you’ll need for bridge fishing in the Florida keys can be purchased at any local bait and tackle shop. If you’re going to use live shrimp, and I highly recommend you do, you’ll need to have an aerator. Put them either in a cooler with an aerator, or in a 5 gallon bucket on ice with an aerator. Cut bait and squid are both good bait for fishing the bridges. If you happen to catch a pinfish, use him as bait. If there’s a big grouper near by, this will get his attention.

I’ve seen some folks lower a chum block down into the water and then fish the slick it creates. This brings the fish out of their hiding places and onto your hook. This could also attract larger fish like Sharks that feed in these channels.

Monofilament on phone lines bridge fishing The current runs really swift through the channels under the bridges. This means you’ll need to have a sinker on your line. You’ll never get your bait to the bottom without it. See all the bait and monofilament hanging from the phone lines? Some folks thought they should cast their baits.

The waters under the bridges have lots of the same spices of game fish as you find offshore. Yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, small grouper, jewfish, snook, tarpon and most of all grunts could show up on your hook. But, grunts are the most numerous fish you’ll catch while bridge fishing here in the Florida Keys.

View while bridge fishing

Don’t be ashamed to keep the grunts. They have a tender white meat. You’ll need several of them to make a meal. You’ll know them by their bright orange mouth and the grunting sound they make.

Bridge fishing gets even better at night. The best time to fish is on the outgoing tide. If you’re already fishing before dark, the fish just keep on biting on the goodies traveling through the pilings of the bridges as the tide sucks them out to sea.

There are lots of bridges available for bridge fishing up and down the Florida Keys. So there is no need to try and climb over the fences and barriers to get to the bridges that are unsafe to be on. So get on out there and catch em’ up.

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