Think a car rental is the only way to get around in the Florida Keys? Think again

Since the Florida Keys are so spread out, you may need to have a car rental during your visit. All major car rental companies are available in both the Key West and Marathon Airports. I would advise reserving one before you get here, especially in peak season. I've compiled a list of all the rent a car companies that serve the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West. I've also included Electric cars. Just click here to go to that list.

You may be planning to drive down here in your own car or truck. What if I told you about a device you can easily install on your car that will allow you to add water to your gas. It will double or triple your mileage. Are you interested? Click Here!

We have a new public transportation service. It’s the Key West Transit. They only operate between Marathon and Key West. Hope they expand soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Taxi’s, seems every place on the earth have them. Each area of the Keys has lots of them to get you around. Caution, the fare could get pricey if you are going any distance. It could be about the same as a daily car rental.

The old stand-by, the Greyhound bus can get you to any location up and down the Keys Island chain. It’s cheap but it’s also slow. Another addition to the transportation services in the Florida Keys is the Keys Shuttle. It'll get you to and from the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale airport in small luxury buses. You'll need to book them 24 hours in advance.

If you’re in Key West, it’s fun to ride around town in the pedi-cabs. It reminds me of a Roman Chariot. You can also get around Key West in the Old Town Trolley and the Conch Tour Train. It's even educational.

Conch tour train

It’s a bit risky to ride a motor scooter or moped on the tiny streets of Key West. This seems to be the vehicle of choice for tons of visitors. I would highly recommend wearing a helmet. The same laws that apply to automobiles apply to mopeds and motor scooters.

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Who doesn’t love to ride a bicycle? It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying the Conch houses in Key West or leisurely peddling thru our neighborhoods, a bicycle is a great way to go.

Every area in the Florida Keys has bicycle rentals available. It might not be a bad idea to wear a helmet while peddling around. Once again the same laws that apply to cars apply to bicycles. So you’re gonna need to stay off the sidewalks.

The cheapest way to get around in the Florida Keys is your feet. Yes walking. It’s easier to dash in and out of the shops, bars and restaurants while on foot. And this is how I discover little places I never knew existed.

Have you ever thought of riding around in an egg? Key West has these little four and six seater electric cars, and they look like eggs. They are really quiet and go kinda slow only 25 mph. Electric Cars of Key West has them for rent. They are on Truman Street.

Electric car and scooter rentals key west Maybe you’re staying up the Keys and want to go for a day trip to Key West. I would suggest parking at the Old Town Parking Garage. It’s the Key West Park N’ Ride. You park your car then take the shuttle to the downtown area of Key West. The shuttle part is at no extra cost. Just show them your ticket from the garage.

Key West Electric Boat Rental has just started offering electric boats to cruise around the harbor. They can hold up to ten people. Because they’re electric, they make no noise. I can’t wait to try this out.

Here's an update for you. There's a service here for visitors who may be lost in their car rental, have questions or difficulties while in the in the Florida Keys, your answer is just a phone call away. If this sounds like you, just click here for the Visitor Assistance Program number.

I will try to keep you up to date on any new fun way of getting around other than car rentals while in the Florida Keys.

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