There should be enough Charter Fishing Guides on these lists to get you on whatever kind of fish you want

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The Charter Fishing Guides in the Florida Keys are specialized. We’re lucky to have great fishing opportunities on both sides of our islands. Depending on what kind of fishing your looking for or which side of the islands, you want to fish, you’ll need to get the right fishing charter guide for that area. I’ve tried to put together as complete a list of these guys as I can throughout the entire Florida Keys. Each of the lists begins in Key Largo and end in Key West. I’ve also put them in alphabetical order so as to not show any favoritism.

If you’re looking to hook up with a tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit or redfish, you may want to check out the fishing guides on this list. They specialize in fishing the backcountry and on the flats.

If it’s light tackle fishing that you’re into, you can do that both in the backcountry or offshore. Light tackle fishing isn’t just for tarpon, permit and bonefish, lots of anglers enjoy catching sailfish and dolphin with this size tackle. This is the list of charter fishing guides that can make it happen. They specialize in light tackle fishing.

This would be the one I know most about. Offshore deep sea fishing. These guys can put you on sailfish, dolphin, marlin, sharks, or swordfish. Just book a charter with the guides on this list for a great day offshore fishing.

By far the least expensive way to catch a fish in the Florida Keys is on the party fishing boats. You’ll have to share the deck with other anglers, but that’s ok, cause it’s a lot of fun. This would be your best chance for catching snapper and grouper. Here’s the list.

Are you a flyfisherman? It looks as difficult to do as it would be to learn a foreign language to me. It's pretty to watch a flyfisherman cast to a fish. I've put together a list of the fishing guides that specialize in fly fishing charters.

If you’re a charter fishing guide in the Florida Keys and I’ve missed putting you on this list, then just contact me on my Talk to Me page and I’ll get you on here. Have a great day fishing!

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