The Conch Republic in the Florida Keys fought it's way to Independence

Conch Republic Border Pass

The Conch Republic was born because the Florida Keys had a little problem with the United State Government!

The United States Border Patrol set up a roadblock on U.S.1 just south of Florida City. They were stopping traffic in only one direction. It was the northbound lane, the people trying to exit the Florida Keys. The story was they were looking for illegal immigrants and illegal drugs being taken to the mainland. Like we have those here?

This action caused a traffic jam more than 15 miles long. As the word got out tourist planing to visit the Florida Keys began to cancel their vacations. As tourism is the life blood of the Florida Keys this caused a major uproar throughout the Keys.

We pleaded with the authorities to take the roadblock down. They didn’t respond. We went to court in Miami to get it removed. That didn’t work either. We had no choice. Since we were being treated like a separate country, we might as well become one.

On April 23, 1982 we declared our independence and became the Conch Republic. The name was taken from the large edible Conch Shells that live in the waters of the Florida Keys.

Conch Republic Flag at Key West Airport

A small War was won. Our Prime Minister took a loaf of stale Cuban Bread and hit a person in a Navy Uniform over his head with it. Then he surrendered to the Commander at NAS. Immediately after that he asked for foreign aid in the sum of one billion dollars. Needless to say we’re still waiting on our money.

Our Independence is still celebrated each year in April. There’s a whole week of festive activities.

Next came the invasion of the Army Reserve. They had planned to do a practice invasion of a foreign island. Locals were to be treated as foreigners. We rose up again and gathered the troops, (locals) for a full scale war. This would mean hitting the Army guys over the head with stale Cuban Bread and firing water cannons from the fire boats. We didn’t like the Army planning an invasion of Key West. They should have asked first.

My Conch Republic Flag Florida Keys In January of this year, 2006, Cuban immigrants had made it to the Old Seven Mile Bridge. It was a part that’s no longer connected to the land. The Border Patrol said the bridge wasn’t part of the United States. They sent the Cubans back to Cuba.

The Conch Republic stepped forward and claimed the bridge. It could be used to build affordable housing. You could see Conch Republic Flags flying from that section of the bridge .

The government admitted they made a mistake in returning the Cubans to Cuba. They sent paperwork to Castro asking him to allow them to return to the U.S.

As you can see, the Conch Republic in the Florida Keys is a very powerful little Country.

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