Let's go Diving and Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

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Above and beyond all the fun to be had in the Florida Keys, Diving is my favorite. I just wish I could grow gills. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m just holding my breath or on air, just let me dive! Its always a good idea to check the weather before heading out on the water.

Summertime is my most favorite time of the year. That’s when being in the underwater world is the very best. The water stays above 85 degrees. This means I can stay in the water six to eight hours without getting cold. You can check out the water temperatures and sea conditions before leaving the dock.

Just one of the many things I enjoy while under water is catching tropical fish . It’s also the most challenging. I would say at least 80% of the tropical fish I gather are taken while I'm just holding my breath. Their have been times when it has taken me over two hours to get just one fish. I lucky to live in the Florida Keys where our beautiful coral reefs are covered with these small wonders of nature.

I have a 35-gallon saltwater aquarium. I captured all the sea creatures that are in it. I like the smaller ones the best. When they get larger than I care to keep, I let them go free. Back into the ocean they go. Then just go get more. Recycling at its best.

I don’t care too much for scuba tanks. I got certified to use scuba tanks in 1979. Soon I discovered the Brownies Third Lung. I've owned three of them so far. My last one died last year. I'm looking at another one to buy next week.

Update, I have a new Brownies.

getting ready to scuba dive florida keys Using tanks limits me to the time I can stay down under. With my Hookah, (Brownie’s Third Lung) I can stay down more than two hours at a time.

The scuba tanks are way cumbersome. I’ve tried using tanks while going for lobster, but seems every time I’m ready to tickle a lobster into the net, the gauges are in my net. If you're into diving artificial reefs such as the sunken ships the Spiegel Grove off Key Largo or the Adolphus Busch off the Lower Keys you'll definitely want to use scuba tanks.

I just feel more free when diving on the Hookah. All you need is the regulator and a weight belt. The Hookah floats on the surface of the water in a canvas covered inner tube. It goes where you go. And you can go to 60' deep if you want to. It's perfect for places like the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park or Sand Key Light with all their beautiful shallow reefs.

You can twist and turn and virtually fly under water with the Hookah. I've had some people tell me they don't think they would like the Hookah because it restricts them. They think they're tied to the surface. You are in a way but this method of diving gives you more freedom than with scuba tanks. Also you don't have to keep watch on the gauges to see how much air you have left.

My Hookah Florida Keys

Their are so many great places to see under water in the Florida Keys. From Key Largo all the way thru and to the Dry Tortugas . And it doesn’t matter if you’re diving or just snorkeling the Florida Keys the wonderful world under the water is too great to miss. Click here for a list of the dive shops in the Florida Key.

Have you ever dreamed of treasure hunting , this is the place to search for them. Many a gold coins have been found in these waters. And many of them are yet to be discovered!

Want to go out in a boat on your own, you know without a guide? Here's a list of places where you can rent a boat and go have some fun!

I'll be writing more stories on this web site of my underwater adventures such as the moon jelly's the lost money clip , lobstering , conch shells , the invasive lionfish , the Batwing Coral Crab and collecting tropical fish . Hope you enjoy them.

There are lots of dive centers throughout the Florida Keys ready to take you out to enjoy this wonderful under water world.

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