Fabulous Fish Fillets from Hook-It-Up to Cook-It-Up

grouper fillet, skinned and belly removed

Fabulous fish fillets doesn't start when you are headed for the fry pan. Any fish you're planning on eating within a couple of day really needs to be frozen properly if you want to keep the freshness and delectable flavor. The secret to locking in the fresh taste is in the timing. From the minute the fish in in the fish box, the flesh begins to breakdown so it MUST be kept ice cold. Unfortunately fish is really susceptible to bacteria, that's why it's one of the most perishable of all foods.

Ice Your Fish Immediately

Fish spoils quickly, as a matter of fact your fish dinne is loosing flavor the moment you take him out of the water. That's why you need a good fish box for your catch. If your boat doesn't have one take along a large cooler packed with ice. Better yet make a colder than ice solution by adding seawater to your ice along with kosher salt. This solution will quickly chill your fish down and keep it's alive colors. Don't ever leave your fish laying in a cooler full of just water. For any fish you catch and especially tuna, you need to slit the gills and bleed the fish the moment it hits the deck. I just begun this practice on all fish I catch last year.

You Gotta Keep Your Fillets Fresh Before Freezing!

Don't even think about waiting days before freezing your fresh caught fish. You're almost guaranteed it will be of poor quality when you thaw them.

Don't Even Think About Freezing Whole Fish

If you plan to bake a stuffed grouper or panfry a whole yellowtail, then please do so within three days of catching it. Make sure it's gutted, scaled and kept packed in ice and not just in the refrigerator. Any fish you plan to freeze should be filleted and skinned with the belly cut off. Ice is without a doubt your fish fillets best friend. So keep your fish on ice until you get to the kitchen sink where they will be thoroughly rinsed with cold running water.

Enjoy your catch!

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