Florida Keys Travel - Choices Land, Sea or Air

Did your Florida Keys Travel begin in one of the South Florida Airports? Then you already have a way to get around in the Keys. Just keep the car that you rented. We have all the major car rental companies located throughout the Florida Keys. In addition Key West has those fun Electric cars for rent. Just click here for a list of all car rental agencies in the Keys.

Maybe you decided you just don’t want to do the driving. You can still get here to enjoy that Florida Keys vacation. We have several airline carriers that will fly you right into Key West or Marathon. Just click here for the list of airlines serving the Keys.

The cost of gas these days makes it tougher to drive down in your own car or truck. I've discovered a way to double my gas mileage. There's a device you can easily install in your vehicle so you can add water to your gas, really. If you want to read more about this just Click Here!

We do have several airport limousine and shuttle services that run between the Florida Keys and the mainland. The prices and services do vary so you may want to check them out first.

Keys Shuttle is but one of these services. They seem to be the most popular. Their buses are small so you won’t have to deal with a whole crowd of people.

Luggage OnLine

The Greyhound Bus Lines have been getting us to and from the Miami Airport for many years. They start in Key West and gather people all the way up the Overseas Highway. This is no doubt the least expensive way to get to and from Miami or other parts of the Florida keys. It’s also the slowest. It takes more than four hours to get to the Miami Airport.

Some visitors prefer to drive down to the Keys. What a beautiful trip. At least the part after Florida City. Then thru the deadly 18 mile stretch.

When you get to Key Largo, you can relax and enjoy the view. The rest of the trip is full of color. It’s like switching on a movie. Your Florida Keys travel is just beginning.

Mile Marker 0 Key West On the sides of the Overseas Highway you may notice the short metal posts with the green background and a number. Those would be mile markers . Not all of them are still there. They start at 106 in Key Largo and end with 0 at the Southernmost Point in Key West. Florida Keys travel is not limited like other exotic vacation destinations.

No matter where you came from to vacation in the Florida Keys. If you chose air travel, you no doubt landed at the Key West Airport. I discovered this interesting book explaining how you can fly for free. Several different Air Carriers fly into Key West daily. We have both jet planes and prop planes. I like the small nine seat prop planes the best. They take a longer time to get here, but you can get a better ariel view of the whole Florida Keys island chain.

The Key West Airport just had a face lift. Before the face lift their was no air conditioning in the terminal. Many visitors really appreciate the addition. The new addition and parking garage don't look anything like the original airport. I'm not so sure I like it. The departures are on the top level and the arrivals are on the ground level. The people in uniform are quite rude. I don't appreciate their behavior. The minute you pull up they're telling you to go pay money to park even if the person you're picking up is standing right there at the curb.

Key West Airport

As soon as you walk out the door, you know, you’re in the islands. The thick warm air smothers every part of your body. I’m one of the few folks who likes the humidity.

The visitors that choose to arrive in the Florida Keys by Sea have the best of the best. No matter if it’s on your own vessel or one of the Ferry Services from Fort Myers Beach or Marco Island. A voyage on the sea is a great way to begin your Florida Keys Vacation.

Florida Keys travel offers a fabulous view no matter which way you choose to get here.

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