A Must do Florida Keys Nite Trip to Fort Myers Beach

What a way cool trip. The best Florida Keys to Fort Myers Beach trip to be had. The trip itself was lots more fun than the time I spent there.

I have friends living in Fort Myers Beach. They have been trying to get me to come over on the Key West Ferry and have dinner. What an exciting way to go.

The catamaran boat is the Key West Express. It docks at Land’s End Marina in Key West. The Big Catamaran is 155' long and I have no idea how many people it will hold. The ship has two enclosed air-conditioned decks. My favorite was the top deck. That’s where you can see everything.

Key West Express Ferry

The trip takes at least three and a half hours each way. I had lots of time to check out the entire vessel. I found three flat screen TV’s with satellite reception, but I was on a sea cruise, I had no time for TV. I can do that at home.

Next thing of interest were the slot machines. I just had to try my luck a few times. After relieving myself of twenty dollars in quarters, I was lighter but not richer.

We sat out on the upper deck to watch the sunset. We ended up staying there for the rest of the trip. Then the stars came out. Wow! It’s amazing how pretty it is on the water at night.

We began to see the lights in the distance. That was Fort Myers Beach. The ride had been quite uneventful. Nothing like when you go out on the boat with me.

My friends were waiting at the dock. We rushed over to the Parrot Key Caribbean Grill. This restaurant is at Salty Sam’s Marina where the Key West Ferry Docks. The food was great. We had lots of appetizers so we could have a variety of their foods.

Key West Ferry We gorged on Conch Fritters , Calamari, Mussels, Nachos and I just had to have the Pine Island Soft Shell Crabs . We washed this down with a couple of very good Margarita’s.

Does it seem right to leave the Florida Keys and order Conch Fritters?

We sat up half the night telling fish stories. All of us slept late. So we grabbed a piece of toast and out the door we went.

We had to do a mad dash to keep from missing the Ferry.

OK, we made it now we can relax and check out the galley. I need more food. I always get hungry on the boat. No matter if I just ate.

Back up on the top deck, I love the ride. I see some boat traffic, mostly fishing boats. There are things splashing in the water. Probably bait fish.

ferry terminal key west

I set down in one of the chairs and the next thing I know. We are pulling in at Key West. After being up half the night I fell asleep. It couldn’t be helped. I had the warm sun shining on me and the sound of the water rushing by the boat, I bet I wasn’t the only one out there sleeping.

Some folks take the Key West Ferry to Fort Myers Beach and stay a couple of days. They like to check out the beaches which are some of the best in Florida. It’s just hard for me to leave the Florida Keys for more than one night at a time.

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