Want to Golf while in the Florida Keys? You can!

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Why not play a little Golf while on your Florida Keys Vacation. If you do it at home you can continue to do it while you're here. We have three Courses here in the Keys. Two are in the Middle Keys . One is in Key Colony Beach. It's a public course. The other is The Sombrero Country Club. This club is private. I've been to both of these but only to have lunch. The food is great and the service is good. You even get to eat on glass plates, not plastic. They are both beautiful with the lush tropical landscaping. I even saw a few egrets walking around looking for their lunch.

There's a fourth golf course now available to Keys visitors. Keys Gate Golf, which would be of interests to those folks staying in the Upper Keys. It's actually on the mainland just before the 18 mile stretch. There are 18 challenging holes to play and a fully equipped club house. Keys visitors and residents are welcome all year round.

Golf course Key West

I'm more familiar with the Club in Key West . I've had brunch there many times. Great food. The lunch menu is very pleasing and the bar opens early in the morning to get you in the right mood to play the whole course. I did actually try to play once here at the course in Key West. It's not as easy as it looks when Tiger Woods is playing. I got to this place they call the "Mangrove Hole". You have to hit the ball over this large, thick cluster of mangroves . The very best I could do was plant it right in the middle of the mangroves. I know now why golf balls are white. My friends suggested that I might stick to fishing and diving .

Florida Keys Golf Course My first try at playing this sport was interesting enough. I'll probably try it again. I just need to be a little older. I just found this book that has some great tips on how to improve your golf swing by adding power and accuracy to your swing. I'll need to read it before I try the game again.

Maybe people like me are supposed to start at a Miniature Golf Course. We now have one on Ramrod Key, mile marker 27. It's located next door to BoonDocks Bar and Restaurant . I know lots of folks who have played this course, and they really like it. You play thru a water falls. This would be great fun for the kids. Guess I need to check it out.

Boondocks Miniature Golf Florida Keys

So yes, we do have Golf in the Florida Keys and they are all in such a beautiful setting.

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