Let's go Up the Florida Keys to Key Largo and Islamorada

Key Largo is the closest of the Florida Keys to the mainland. It's about an hour drive from the Miami Airport. In the old days most of the people living here were wreckers and farmers.

The diving there is great. They have the Christ of the Abyss Statue. It's in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park . The Statue is in shallow waters. If you only snorkel you can still enjoy this dive. It's located at Molasses Reef . This is one of the prettiest reefs in the Florida Keys.

Key Largo also has the artificial reef the Spiegel Grove That's in deeper water. So you would need to be a certified scuba diver to dive this site.

divers Florida Keys

If you want to swim with the Dolphins , got it here, Dolphin Cove has a natural lagoon for the Dolphins to live in. It's on the Bayside. The Everglades National Park is close to Key Largo. This a of special interest to those folks into Eco Tours. In the winter months the bird population explodes. Kayaking and bird watching are but two of the activities that are popular here. I've noticed lots of visitors in these cool inflatable kayaks. To find out more about them just CLICK HERE If you do enjoy watching birds you may enjoy reading this book that I discovered with ideas about attracting birds to your backyard.

Wild dolphin Now for back country fishing in this area, I would recommend you get a Florida Keys Fishing Guide for this one. The waters in Florida Bay are very shallow. Knowing where the channels are is a must.

On the Atlantic side you could enjoy some Florida Keys deep sea fishing. Lots of times the Gulfstream hangs closer to the waters off Key Largo than the rest of the Florida Keys. This makes the offshore fishing even better.

One of the biggest sharks I ever caught was off Key Largo.

Islamorada holds itself as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World.” I suppose to may be, they do have the Islamorada Hump. This is where they catch the most Great White Sharks of all the Florida Keys. They average three a year.

Trapper John

If it’s back country fishing you came here for, Islamorada has this covered as well. Some of the best flats fishing in the Florida Keys is right here.

When former President Bush wants to do some back country fishing he comes right here to Islamorada. And he always stays at the Cheeca Lodge.

Islamorada also has the largest charter boat fishing fleet in the Florida Keys. To go out on an Islamorada fishing charter is to catch big fish.

I remember one trip up the Keys I was with my friend Trapper John (he’s a famous bartender up there). We were racing thru the back country and went thru this channel that was marked with toilet seats. The locals put them there to mark the channel, and all of them were personalized. Trapper’s read “Trappers Crapper.” The channel was called Toilet Seat Channel.

sandbar off Holiday Isle

A very popular activity for those with boats and personal watercraft is to go hang out at the Sandbar off Holiday Isle. On good days they’re hundreds of boats of all kinds there.

You want to swim with Dolphins. Then the place to go to is Theater of the Sea It’s a beautiful place, I love the huge water falls out front.

One of my favorite things to do while up the Florida Keys is to feed the gigantic Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina. They’ll sell you a bucket of fish for the feeding. While your at Robbie's you can take the tour boat out to Lignum Vitae Key. It's a very interesting place. You'll be glad you did.

This is just a few of the many fun activities that are for locals and visitors alike to experience while in the Upper Keys.

I’ll be writing about more fun things to do in this area on this web site.

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