Marathon Key is right in the Middle of the Florida Keys

The bonus for me going to Marathon Key is getting to go across the Seven Mile Bridge. It’s another one of the beauties of living in the Florida Keys.

Pigeon Key was the only exit off the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Now the only accessible part of the old bridge is the part connecting Marathon to Pigeon Key. Those people that built the bridges lived on Pigeon Key. Their houses are now an Historic Site.

I like walking out the old bridge to Pigeon Key. You never know what you will see on the flats and in the channels going under the bridge. I usually see sharks , Sting Rays and Barracudas. You also get to see all the different shades of green that are so unique to the Keys.

Seven Mile Bridge Florida Keys

Some of the best bridge fishing in the Florida Keys is from the old Seven Mile Bridge. I don’t just mean panfish. I tell you large fish are pulled from under that bridge. And the best Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing is in the channels running under this same bridge. And all the way west to Bahia Honda.

The Seven Mile Bridge Run is another great fun event in the Florida Keys. Fifteen hundred runners take to the bridge. Followed by a big party.

The Turtle Hospital resides in Marathon Key. It is mostly supported by volunteer staff. They have saved and released more than 750 turtles since the hospital began to operate in 1986.

Bridge Fishing Florida Keys I've found three turtles damaged by boat props while on the water. But each time it was too late to save the turtles.

Now the airport is another issue. It's a beautiful new airport that has just had a face lift. Delta Airlines has begun non-stop service to and from Atlanta. HaH! they pulled out as of September 2007. Their prices were higher than flying from Key West so they couldn't fill the planes. They may return in the winter during peak tourist season. When you could fly out you could park your car for free. The airport is also used lots by the air charter services, mosquito spraying airplanes and the general aviation pilots.

Crane Point Hammock is here in Marathon Key. It’s a great place for the kids. There are more than two miles of trails to explore on the 64-acre hammock. One of the trails takes you right by the Marathon Wild Bird Center. They take care of the injured birds here.

Florida Keys Turtle Turtle in Florida Keys Marathon has some beautiful sandy beaches. Sombrero Beach and Coco-Plum Beach are the most popular.

In the seventies, I was at Coco-Plum Beach along with the gang that was the David Allan Coe Band. We almost got busted by the Police for skinny-dipping.

Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key is a wonderful place. Not only do you learn about the Dolphins, but you can swim with them. It’s an experience you will never forget. I highly recommend swimming with them.

The fishing and diving are different beginning with Marathon. The water is deeper here than in the Upper Keys . This makes for more hiding places such as holes and ledges for the fish and lobster .

Sandy Beach Florida Keys

Deep sea fishing is great here as well. There is a place out front in the Atlantic known as the Marathon West Hump. The depth is 1,100 feet deep and it comes up to 480 feet and flattens off. This in turn draws lots of BIG fish and all kinds of them. And it doesn't matter what time of the year you happen to be here, the fishing is great.

For back country fishing there are lots of experienced fishing guides to take you out and put you on the fish that feed on the flats. There are also guides that specialize in light tackle and fly fishing. This area has some of the best party fishing boats in the Florida Keys.

I would suggest you hire a local charter boat captain for your deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys. You’ll definitely get more out of your fishing trip.

I'll be writing more on Marathon Key in this web site.

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