You don't have to look far to find a Marina in the Florida Keys

Trust me when I tell you every Marina in the Florida Keys has came a long way since I arrived here in the 70's. Not only with the services they offer, but also the beautiful docks and boat slips. They are really modern now. The boats they offer for rent are also new and lots of them have quiet 4-stroke engines on them. Just click here for a list of all the boat rentals in the Florida Keys.

Don't you just love watching the Pelican's perched on the pilings that are along side the boat slips, they always seem to be loosing their footing.

There are many more places to get gas, bait and supplies for boating in the Upper Keys than the Lower Keys. You'll find them on the bayside on the oceanside and in Tavernier Creek. Key West has lots of places to get all the stuff you need to have a fun day on the water. Click here for a list of all the Marinas and Yacht Clubs in the Florida keys.

Safari Lounge

While lobstering with Bill and Sharon, who live on Tavernier Creek, I learned how different the underwater geography is in the Upper Keys compared to the Lower Keys. Not only that, but the back country is also very different. I like both places.

Have you ever been to Robbie's? You can fuel the boat up here. Check out the size of those Tarpon . They are gigantic. I like watching all the people feed them.

Caloosa Cove is the closest you will get to Safari in the Florida Keys. The Safari Bar is an interesting place. I saw all kinds of wild animals there. You can get fuel for your boat here too, but not in the bar.

Bud N Mary's Fishing Marina is the probably one of the oldest Marinas in the Florida Keys. It just may be the oldest. I was in there not so long ago on my way back from helping to deliver a boat to the Lower Keys from Jupiter Florida. We stopped to get fuel.

tarpon florida keys One trip when I was helping Howie, the owner, bringing his boat down from the Upper Keys. He had 2 new engines installed. The new engines were Suzuki Four Stroke engines. We had fueled up on the trip up the Keys, so we knew we had plenty fuel to get us back to the Lower Keys.

The boat had two separate fuel tanks. As we were leaving the dock to return with the boat, we were checking things out and discovered one of the tanks was empty. Now this means we will need to stop somewhere along the trip and get more fuel. We decide to go in at Hawk's Cay, I have been there before and know exactly where the fuel pumps are.

florida keys fuel dock We're on the Bayside and to get to the fuel docks we have to go under the bridge, their isn't a lot of clearance. We have to take the bimini down which has been up since the last hurricane season. We start the process, not so fast, the hardware is stuck and we have zilch for tools. We're working on it and drifting and the engine dies.

We're drifting towards the pilings and can't get the engine started. I'm leaning over the back squeezing the fuel ball, Howie's cranking and cranking on the engine, we're just about to hit the piling and the d@*& engine starts. This stuff gives me gray hairs.

If you want to see a Florida Keys Marina that is still a bit Keysie, then go to the Old Wooden Bridge Fish Camp on Big Pine Key. It's worth the trip out there, especially if you're interested in bridge fishing .

florida keys boat slips

Oceanside Marina on Stock Island and the Marina's in Key West like Conch Harbor are where the very large boats have to go to get fuel. With large boats you need large spaces to turn them around and some of the Marinas in the other areas of the Florida Keys just don't have the room for them to maneuver.

I will continue to keep you up to date on the new Marinas in the Florida keys and any changes in the existing ones in this web site.

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