From Fancy Resorts to hard to find stays, the Florida Keys has it all

The popular resorts now in the Florida Keys had a humble beginning.

The Keys largely due to its history began attracting the first visitors to fishing camps. Next came the Flagler Railroad then the Overseas Highway to bring even more folks to visit the Keys. The real boom began after we had fresh water delivered via the mainland. It’s in a pipe that runs alone the highway and hangs on the outside of the bridges . Before that any freshwater that came to the Florida Keys came by rain. People relied on cisterns for all their water needs. During the dry season when there was no rain many had no choice but to travel to the mainland to get water.

Hywatt Resort Key West

Soon after the water arrived. Many Keys hotels and motels started popping up along the Overseas Highway.

Today it’s easy to see some of those 1950's and 1960's hotels and motels. These are usually small, less expensive and mom and pop owned. If all you’re looking for is a bed and a place to shower this just might be the place for you.

Another choice in accommodations are the larger waterfront multiplex establishments. They have from one room to efficiency’s to multi bedroom apartments. These usually have more services than the mom and pop hotels. They offer swimming pools, kitchens and some have coin laundries.

There are tons of attractions and water activities just a short distance away. In many locations in the Keys all the activities are within walking distance from your lodging.

Mom and Pop Hotel Some folks prefer to spend their Keys vacation at one of the larger all-inclusive resorts. Such as the La Concha or the Casa Marina Hotels. They supply everything from child care to room service. These all-inclusive resorts cater to movie stars, newly weds, business travelers and everything in between. The offer fitness rooms, day spas, dive trips, fishing charters and tennis courts. Conference rooms are available in some of them. I don’t even have to tell you they have restaurants and Tiki bars, right?

For those looking for a larger resort experience without the expensive all-inclusive prices, the Florida Keys is home to many timeshares. Most timeshare resorts include many of the same on-site amenities as the all-inclusive resorts, they also offer a full kitchen so you can save money by preparing your own food. They include laundry facilities in the units, which creates a convenient home away from home experience.

There's one hotel here that's a one of a kind in the whole world. It's the Jules Undersea Lodge . It's located in a lagoon off Key Largo. You actually scuba dive down to enter for your stay there.

If it's a total disconnect your looking for we have that too, it's Little Palm Island . No phones, no televisions and no alarm clocks. Just you and nature. These resorts are a favorite place for weddings and honeymoons. The tropical air the beautiful ocean and fantastic sunsets only add to the romance.

Now that you’ve escaped to the Florida Keys, kick off your shoes and jump right in on what could be a very memorable vacation.

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