Florida Keys Restaurants, the dress is Keys Casual

It would be very difficult to find a place that has as many taste pleasing restaurants as the Florida Keys.

We have chefs from all over the world. They work with the local seafood and tropical fruits such as to create recipes that look as good as they taste.

The Stone Crab , lobster and hog snapper are all caught right here and delivered fresh to the restaurants. They combine these in creations with mango , papaya, pineapples and star fruit.

Say you're not in the Keys where you can catch your own seafood. And you're mouth is watering for Shrimp or Crab or Lobster. Well it can be delivered right to your door. A great place to get it is All Fresh Seafood

One of my favorite desserts is the Key Lime Pie. Someone told me the best ones have that different taste because there is nutmeg in the crust. Here's my favorite Key Lime Pie Recipe.

Half Shell Raw Bar Key West

A large percent of the bars and restaurants here in the Keys have a casual dress code. So you can just leave all those fancy dresses, high heels, sport coats and suits at home.

Many restaurants have a place to tie the boat, it’s always fun to go have lunch by boat. Such as the Half Shell Raw Bar in Key West. Their food is great. The Upper Keys area has a larger number of eating places and bars to go to by boat. Marathon and the Lower Keys have several places to choose from as well.

Some of the places have a more Keysie look than others, don’t let that keep you from going in. A few of them are hidden away, but well worth the effort to find them. These places will probably have the best food you'll eat while staying in the Florida Keys.

In the peak season it may be a good idea to make reservations before deciding where to have dinner. Some places don’t accept reservations at all. During the off season don’t worry about the reservations, unless you’re going to Little Palm Island or the Cheeca Lodge.

Have you noticed those beautiful tropical centerpieces that all the restaurants use when you having brunch? I found a place where you can get the instructions on how to make a Pineapple Palm Tree Centerpiece for your own party or dinner table. Check it out here!

mangrove mama's florida keys Many of the places that are popular will have some kind of waiting area with seating. It easy to grab a cocktail or a glass of wine at the bar and relax under the coconut palms while your waiting to be seated.

Smoking is not allowed in our restaurants and bars. Many of these have outdoor dining so no one gets left out. Dogs are not allowed inside either, once again they have special outdoor dining so your furry friend can accompany you.

So dress casual and enjoy some great dining in the Florida Keys.

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