Do you need to find a Theater in the Florida Keys? Here’s a list of them

Regal Cinemas Key West

A theater becomes a very popular place to be when we get rainy days here in the Florida Keys. Sometimes on sunny days they’re popular just because the movie is a must see, like Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow. Here’s the list.


Tavernier Towne Cinemas, 91264 Overseas Hwy., Tavernier, Movie Hotline, 305-853-7003


Marathon Community Cinema and Playhouse - Box Office, Marathon, Cinema Information, 305-743-0288 or Playhouse office, 305-743-0408


A Key Encounter Nature Theater, Clinton Square Market Mall, Key West, 305-292-2070

The Red Barn, 319 Duval St, Key West, 305-296-9911. This is not for movies, it’s for a live performance or play

Regal Cinemas, 3338 Roosevelt Blvd., in Searstown in Key West , 305-294-0000.

Tennessee Williams Center for the Performing Arts, 5910 College Road, Stock Island, 305-296-1520, its at the Junior College, and it’s a live performance stage

Tropic Cinema, 416 Eaton Street, Key West, 305-295-9493

Waterfront Playhouse, Mallory Square, Key West, 305-294-5015. The plays here are live

Now you know where to go to enjoy a movie or play while here in the Florida Keys.

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