Five things to do in the Florida Keys

If there aren't too many things to keep you busy in the Florida Keys already, or you plan on having as active a holiday as you can in the Sunshine State, it's worth having a few other ideas on the backburner.

After securing accommodation through specialists who provide family villas in Orlando, Florida , there are all kinds of things that could keep you fit, healthy,happy and content. Snorkeling is always a great place to start. While you may enjoy catching the fish from the comfort of a boat, you may as well get close to them in their natural surroundings by enjoying the crisp, clear seas alongside them. What's more, buy your own snorkel and you can do it for free!

Want to get a deeper insight into underwater life? Dozens of places give you the opportunity to scuba dive at reasonable prices. You can explore shipwrecks while surrounded by even more wild and wonderful fish, as well as other creatures.

Maybe the sky is the limit for you, however. Parasailing puts you in a special harness attached to a parachute, allowing you to see Florida in all its beauty from the air. With the wind in your hair and a fast powerboat, it's a great way to have the adrenaline rush in one of the most relaxed states in the US.

Jet skiing is the penultimate experience worth checking out. With the freedom to explore islands and miniature gulfs around the thousands of tiny islands in the Keys, it may be the escape you truly desire.

Want an event to build your fun around? Last but not least on the list of things to do is the second annual Key West Brewfest, from September 1st to 5th 2011.* With over 50 kinds of beers and micro-brews on tap at this tasty event, all beer tastings, food and musical treats raise money for local charities. With Florida Keys giving you so much, it may be the perfect opportunity to give something back.

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