Do you want a Coconut straight from the Florida Keys?

Pile of ripe coconuts

Fill out the form below if you want a coconut. This idea came to me the other day when I realized how many of these wonderful nuts are right here and ready to eat. I walked outside yesterday and there was a whole pile of them all over the yard that had fallen from the palm tree during the night. I kept the ones that were ripe and have milk in them. Ninety nine and nine tenths percent of these will be good. I’ve only opened two in my life that were sour, and I don’t know why they were.

The best way I figure to do this is for you to fill out the form and send it to me. I’ll email you my address and let you know that I do in fact have them available. See, I don’t know how many of you will want a coconut or two. I want to give these away, but there’s a charge for shipping and handling. It’s $15.00 a coconut. As for the form of payment, I think anyone that would want a coconut from the Florida Keys and is reading my website would be pretty trustworthy. So, I’ll accept both money orders and personal checks or you can put it straight into my PayPal account. I'll email you that when I receive you're order. When the payment gets to me, I’ll mail your coconut out to you immediately. Does that sound fair to you?

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Oh yea, you can go to this page if you want a great recipe for the best coconut pie you’ll ever eat. There’s also tons or recipes in books and all over the internet using them. Some of you may want to try and grow one. I’d be interested in knowing if one would sprout up north. So get creative with these puppies and Enjoy!

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