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The sunny warm weather is probably the main reason people choose the Florida Keys for their vacation. You made a great choice.

We average over 300 days a year with the sun shining.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year here. Most folks think just because we are warm in the winter that we are scorching in the summer.

Not so!

We are surrounded by the warm waters that are the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Straits. This causes the Florida Keys to be warmer in the winter months. The cold fronts cause the Northeast winds to blow. As they cross the warm Gulfstream waters, they're warmed by it.

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In the Summertime we're kept cool by an almost constant breeze off the water. The land and sea heat and cool at different temperatures, this creates a breeze across the islands. It keeps us cool in the summer. The mainland and many other places in the country are a lot hotter than we are here in the Florida Keys in the Summer.

We have a wet season and a dry season. The wet season is from June thru November. We usually get five to six inches of rain each month during the rainy season. Hurricane season is the same months as the rainy season. The dry season is from December thru May. We should only get about one to two inches of rain each month this time of year.

Speaking of hurricane season, The Florida Keys are the most likely part of the country to get hit by a hurricane. We average a hurricane every four years. During El Nino years we see fewer storms. The last two years have been exceptionally busy. Years that busy just wear you out. All it takes is one hurricane to hit you and everything from that point on the rest of the season changes.

florida keys waterspout I've lived in the Florida Keys since 1978. More years have been without hurricanes than have had them.

During the summer months we get thunderstorms. Almost any day when you scan the horizon, there will be a thunderstorm on some part of that horizon. This doesn’t mean you’ll be rained on, so don’t cancel your outdoor plans. Thunderstorms create some very interesting weather. If you're interested in knowing more about thunderstorms and the storm chasers here's a book you just may enjoy reading.

We also get waterspouts. We're the waterspout capital of the world. I’m not proud of that. These are small tornadoes on the water. They can easily turn your boat over. I have seen as many as five waterspouts at the same time. I was out diving on the reef when it got dark all of a sudden. I came up to see how large the cloud was and spotted the five waterspouts about a mile away from me. That was a scary thing to see. It reminds you of the importance of always keeping an eye on the weather.

We don’t get snow and ice and we don’t get frost in the Florida Keys. We do have lots of great weather, wonderful sunshine and blue skies and that is just part of what makes this place a real tropical Paradise.

If you want to know more about my encounters with hurricanes in the Florida Keys, I'll be glad to share them with you.

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